Friday, March 25, 2016

We All Win!

If you are reading this I don't need to tell you that it is a struggle to get a picky eater to eat anything outside their comfort zone. In our case, hamburger and pizza are the two foods that my son will refuse to eat just by hearing the name of it.  I bet he would refuse candy if it was the shape of pizza or burger. It's not that I think that those two foods are the best thing to have; in fact, I know that many of you wish your kid would eat something other than that. Here's the thing, we think that if he tried it he wouldn't mind it as much as he thinks he does.  We want to eliminate the "I don't eat that" mentality that has been around for too long now. My thinking is that if you have never tried it, you cannot say you don't like it. Once we are able to get him to at least try, we know we will be able to go to social gatherings and not look like the parents that don't let the kid eat pizza (believe me, people think that).

Take birthday parties for example, every time we go to one we know it is very likely they will serve pizza and cake. He is usually the kid that refuses the pizza and just sits there while everybody else is enjoying a piece.  He just watches them eat, not participating much and giving me looks as if asking "what am I going to eat." "Well, dude, that's all they have to eat" is usually my answer.  So what ends up happening is that he only eats the cake. I'm certainly not going to be carrying food with me just so he can have a special lunch/dinner.  We've done that too many times now (when he was itty bitty I felt bad so I would have snacks for him - he's a big dude now and we moved on from that). There's a cute story about a party we went one time where they had the usual pizza and cupcakes on the menu, and the health conscious parents also had fruit and veggie trays.  While all the kids are gobbling up their pizza and cupcakes, my son is just eating a plate full of fruits (that's one thing I cannot complain, he's always liked fruit, I know it's a blessing!) and carrots.  The parents come to me and say: "Is it ok for him to have pizza, what about cake?" As if I was the one preventing him from having a piece. After I explained his picky eating habits they confessed they thought I was the one withholding unhealthy food from him! As if you can control your kids around birthday food.  Typically they devour it all! 

The Plate That Saved Dinner at My House

With those experiences happening to us more often than not, I decided it was time to introduce those foods and the first attempt of it was actually successful.  My son ate a burger, kind of a burger, but he ate it (I didn't have burger buns, so I improvised).  On Friday night my husband suggested burgers and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try this out.  I used Fred & Friends DINNER WINNER kids dinner tray and I couldn't be happier with the results. 

Fred & Friend DINNER WINNER Plate

They have themes like Enchanted Forest (for your little picky princess), Pirate and Supper Hero.  When we got ours they only had one kind, so I didn't get to choose.  But I probably would have chosen this one anyway.  It is right on point for my son!

One of our therapists recommended this plate after a few sessions because he noticed my son was into games.  We've had it for a while now but it has been a while since I last used it.  I got rid of all plastic or melamine plates for the kids to reduce chemical exposure, but I kept this one because it is SUCH A SUCCESS!!!! If you don't have one yet, click here to buy it now.  You need this plate! 

Look at the smile on his face!
You'd never know he's about to eat a
previously hated food!

What makes this so exciting is the fact that the kid is playing a game while eating.  They have to eat each square of food before moving on to the next (although in the beginning my son would eat his preferred foods first, so he wasn't completing the game in order, which is fine, he was still trying the new food to get the prize).

Reading each square - he's really into the game

The prize! That's is one of the pieces that makes this plate such a success to get your picky eater to eat.  As you can see, my son is SUPER EXCITED to see what's under the prize box (even though we negotiated what the prize was before dinner and he knew).  You might have to keep your hand on it the first few times, or the prize might disappear before it's time. One time I used carrots as the prize, even that worked... go figure!

Checking the prize - it still there!

I knew that we had success in the past, but to be honest he has always been so adamant about not wanting to try a burger.  Just before dinner I knelt down next to him and told him that we would have burger for dinner.  He just said "I don't want it" and continued watching TV.  I did tell him we would use the DINNER WINNER plate and he literally jumped up from the couch and came to the table to check it out. This plate might not work like this for all of you; I know each kid is different.  But if you haven't tried it yet, you might be missing out on the best way to get your picky eater to eat, hands down! I can't wait to try with pizza next.  I'll keep you posted on how that one goes.

So happy playing with his much earned prize!
And the plate is completely empty!

Just an FYI, I'm not paid by the company to write any of this.  But if you click on my links I might get comission from affiliate programs I participate. 

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