Thursday, May 19, 2016

Heads and Tails

As the parent of a picky eater, you face many struggles on the daily to get your kid to eat.  I am there every day, every meal. I often joke asking "why do they need to eat 3 meals a day?" Of course I'm just kidding and I'm just referring to the struggle that we have getting kids to eat. I bet you can relate, a meal that should take 15-20 minutes lasts an hour because you have to beg and plea and implore for your kid to take one bite. I get it, I'm usually right there with you.

But why if it didn't need to be a struggle every single time? We learned one game that has served us well and hopefully will do the same for you. It is so mundane and simple that you probably have all you need at the bottom of purse.  It is a simple flip the coin game, but you and your kid decide which food bite your kid will take with heads and with tails.

The coin game works best with 2+, when you choose between two foods, and if your kid likes games (which let's be honest, which kid doesn't like to play a little game at meal time).

I was so surprised when I saw the therapist using this game with my son and him actually looking forward to the next bite.  Be prepared to chase the coin all over the place, they tend to throw it all over the place and not really flip it like you're supposed to.  And I'm not responsible for flying coins that might hit you... it just comes with the territory. Wouldn't you take a few hits of the coin if your kid is eating?

The Game

So basically if you ever flip a coin for anything, you know how to play the game.  Hard to explain, huh!? You just assign Heads or Tails to the foods before starting to eat, so there's no confusion on the kids head.  So I usually let my son choose what he wants to eat when it lands on Tails and when it lands on Heads.  That way he feels that he has control over his choices.

Not too happy with the selection

Playing the game made it a little better

He finished it... see the struggle?

This day picture here we went to eat out with friends.  It was a new place and he was not used to the way they prepare the quesadilla.  So he did not really want to eat it.  I pull out the coin and he chose one side for the broccoli and the other side for the quesadilla.  As you can see, not much later he was finished and we were all happy.  Well... at least I was!

Try it next time! I would love to hear how it worked out for you! Hope this helps!

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