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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Food Gamble

We came up with a new game for taking bites! This one is kind of silly but let me tell you, it worked. Every Saturday we like to have pizza for lunch or dinner.  Every Saturday I need to find something else to feed that dude.  I will do it, but we would like for him to join us.  Now slowly but surely he is starting to accept pizza. Hooray! However, he does not eat it without a playing a game to take each bite.  I tried using the Dinner Winner Plate again, but this time it did not interest him too much.  He is the one who suggested playing a "bite game," so I remember he was playing with a die he found in my husband's desk and thought that would be a good way to get his interest in the pizza.

There's no trick to it.  It is a pretty straight forward game. But it was fun playing it.  We will certainly bring it back next time we need him to eat something he is rejecting. 

- a hungry kid
- food you want the hungry kid to eat
- one die
- sense of humor

First assign an action to each side of the die.  These can be silly things like touching the tip of your nose, tapping your ears, etc.  Also assign one number for taking a bite.  This is an example of what we assigned to each number, but you can certainly choose different actions in your family. My only suggestion is choose actions that you can do without getting up.

1. take a bite
2. touch the tip of your nose
3. blow a kiss
4. tap your ears
5. blow a raspberry
6. wink 

This game might work better with bigger kids, but you can try for any age.

Let me know what actions you chose together in your family.  It was hard for us to be creative and come up with things that didn't involve getting out of the chair.  I can think of a dozen of things we can do, but it would take so much longer if anything involved standing up and then getting back down to eat.  I guess you can do it if you don't mind your kid getting up and down all the time. I'm curious to hear what you guys come up with!!

We let my daughter play too just to include her, but she certainly didn't need any incentive to eat hers, as you can see... (smiley face)